Uhuhu is a daring, multifunctional, dynamic and adaptable cuckoo clock. It's precisely this adaptability that makes Uhuhu different from any other clock. Uhuhu adapts to any space and environment. Uhuhu's main characteristic is its simplicity, mobility and versatility. We're turning the static cuckoo into a dynamic entity that adapts to all situations and necessities. It is designed using pure and geometric shapes yet the simplicity of its lines makes the client feel close to it and helps empathize with the object. It is conceived using warm and Mediterranean materials. The usage of cork brings lightness to several of its parts and allows the clock to resist small impacts without being harmed. Uhuhu hides, behind its simple appearance, an elegant concept complexity. It features a quartz mechanism, battery run, with an intelligent sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light.