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Best Contemporary Wall Clocks with Pendulums

Hermle Frankfurt Skeleton Wall Clock - Made in Germany

There are various contemporary wall clocks that are highlighted by hanging pendulums. Clock pendulums are often seen as a form of precision and elegance that adds another dimension of movement to the clock. Here at Time For a Clock, we work with clock manufacturers from around the world and have one of the largest collection of contemporary wall clocks with pendulums you’ll find. Let’s get into it.

Why Does a Pendulum Set a Wall Clock Apart?

Elegance in Design

For as long as pendulum clocks have been around, those with pendulums have always been revered as being more precise, expensive and intriguing to look at. The original use of the pendulum was to better keep time, using the predictable swing of a weight, rather than simply relying on key wound components. As time passed on, the necessity of the pendulum to keep accurate time has faded ever so slightly with the advancement of modern clock components and electronic, quartz powered clocks. The heritage and appeal of the pendulum has lived on though. The pendulum has become a staple of elegance and quality clock design that suggests a higher price point as well, even if the clock was no more expensive than one without a pendulum. It’s for these reasons that contemporary clocks with pendulums are often viewed as more expensive and of higher quality than contemporary clocks without pendulums.

Hermle Greenwich Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock - Made in Germany
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The Dimension of Movement

Clocks are all about displaying the movement of time in a beautiful and useful manner. All analog clocks have hands that rotate about in a circular motion, but clocks with pendulums have an additional plane of motion. The pendulum swings side to side laterally, and is often larger than the hands of the clock, making it more noticeable when passing by. Often times, the desire of an owner of a contemporary clock is to make a statement in their living space and a moving pendulum is a subtle but noticeable way to add a dimension of movement to any space. A viewer can more visibly see the time passing by as the pendulum swings from side to side, as the contemporary styling of your wall clock mixes in harmony with a traditional pendulum for clocks in the past.

Our Favorite Contemporary Wall Clock Brands That Feature Pendulums

Covo by Ari Kanerva

The covo line of clocks is one of the most iconic lines of clocks of the modern century. Their contemporary lines, colors and styling make the Aika and Tuiku some of the most sought after contemporary Italian clocks on the market. Both models highlight wonderful swinging pendulums swinging from laser cut stainless steel bodies that fit wonderfully on the wall. The Aika is free floating and mounted directly on the wall, while the Tuiku uses legs to support the body of the clock while also mounting to the wall to hold it in place.

Covo Tiuku Standing Pendulum Clock - Contemporary Grandfather Clock by Ari Kanerva - Made in Italy
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Incantesimo Design

Incantesimo design is another Italian clock maker with various options of contemporary wall clocks with pendulums. The Locundo is one of our favorites in their lineup due to the contemporary styling of a classic house and roof design. The clock features a collected color scheme and a great pendulum to top off the look. The Genius Pendulum Wall Clock is another one of our favorites with a pendulum taking the space of the 6 o’clock hour marking, aiding in the continued symmetry of the clock as a whole.

If you’ve got a higher end budget, check out of Teckell lineup of clocks, made for the finest homes and living spaces around.

Incantesimo Design - Illum Pendulum Wall Clock - Made in Italy

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In Conclusion

Contemporary wall clocks with pendulums are some of the best looking clocks available today, featuring timeless, solid color choices, sleek lines and solid build components that are designed to last a lifetime. Both Covo and Incantesimo Design offer a wide variety of options in this styling type that don’t break the bank as well, with most option coming in under $400 for timeless quality.

Here at Time For a Clock we work closely with all of the brands we carry and can answer any questions you may have in regards to any clock or item we carry very quickly. We will meet or beat any price available online and always offer free shipping on all items.

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