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How To Hang Your Wall Clock

Materium - Euclideo Wall Clock - Made In Italy

So, you just purchased your favorite wall clock and can’t wait to get it up and on your wall. There’s just one final step left in the process, hanging the clock on the wall properly. Most people don’t give it a second thought when purchasing their wall clocks, as the focus is mainly on the design and color of the clock. How the clock is hung is very important though, as that mounting method is responsible for protecting your investment of gravity causing your new purchase from colliding with the ground. A good mount should last for years to come and, yes, there is a proper way to mount a wall clock depending on the wall surface you’re working with. Let’s get into some of the most common methods.

The Most Common Wall Clock Hanging Methods

Hanging Your Wall Clock With a Stud

Studs are found in wood framed walls and are usually 2x4’s spread out evenly every few feet or so. They’re the frame of the house and the drywall or sheetrock is mounted to them to make up your walls and insulate your home. They can be found with a simple and affordable stud finder tool or a strong magnet to look for nails already going into the stud that may be under the paint or puddied over.

Once you’ve found your stud, your goal will be to put a screw into the wall and the stud behind for the clock to securely be mounted to. Use a good length screw with the underside of the screw head being flat and at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the screw so things don’t slide off of the screw when mounted. Avoid using screws with triangle sloped areas under the screw head. The longer the screw, within reason, the better, especially for heavier clocks. Screw the screw straight into the wall with the stud behind your chosen spot and leave between ½ - ¾ inches of the screw exposed to hang the wall clock on. In general, screws are more durable and stronger than hangers for clocks.

Nomon Barcelona Wall Clock - Made in Spain

Hanging Your Wall Clock Without a Stud

Sometimes walls don’t have studs or a stud can’t be found in the location you’d like to have your wall clock hung up. Not to worry, there is an effective way to mount your wall clock with a component called a zip wall anchor. Zip wall anchors can be used for lighter clocks if needed, but we still recommend using studs and screws if possible. Zip wall anchors are designed for drywall and are sold by weight rating. It is recommended to use zip wall anchors rated for at least twice the weight of the clock you intend to hang with them. They come in steel and nylon materials, with nylon being the more commonly chosen variant.

Installing a zip wall anchor is simple. Tap or drill a hold smaller than the wall anchor’s diameter to act as a pilot hole. Proceed to screw the anchor into the wall with a philips screw driver until the head of the anchor is flush with the wall. Be sure to not overtighten when screwing the wall anchor in. If included in the wall anchor kit, use the provided screw and screw it directly into the center of the wall anchor until ½ - ¾ inches of the screw remains sticking out to mount your wall clock on.

NeXtime - Carl Wall Clock

Concrete, Stone and Metal Walls

Mounting a wall clock on a stone, concrete or metal wall is a bit out of scope for this article as they each deserve their own page or two. To overview them though, stone walls are best drilled with masonry drill bits in the mortar sections between the stone to make patching the hole easier in the future. It can be done directly into the stone, but it is more invasive and involved. A plastic anchor is then pressed into the drilled hold and then a screw is fit inside of the anchor to hand the wall clock from, similar to a zip anchor discussed above. For metal walls and studs, specific metal stud mounting kits will need to be purchased and there will be precise driller required to insert the proper mounting hardware on the wall.

Omelette Parallels Analogue Wall Clock - Two Position - Made in Spain

Final Hanging Considerations and Safety

You’ve now successfully gotten your wall clock mount in the wall of your choice and are ready to hang your clock. There is one more step to pay attention to now to ensure that your new wall clock is safe and sound. When going to hang your wall clock on your wall mount, be sure to fully insert the screw or mounting hardware into the clock’s hole or mounting gap. When mounted, the clock should not be able to slide off of the mount as the back of the screw head should catch on the mounting part of the clock to prevent accidental falls. When testing if the clock is securely mounted, be sure to keep a good handle on the clock to ensure it doesn’t fall. Give it a slight tug away from the wall to ensure that it has been mounted and secured properly so it won’t fall off.

Hermle Savannah II Modern Wall Clock - Made in Germany


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