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Covo Aika Wall Clock Review

Covo Aika Wall Clock

Covo is one of the most iconic contemporary Italian furniture brands in recent times. The popularity of the clocks they produce has been unrivaled in the industry, as customers from around the world have come to so quickly love their designs. We’ve written an extensive review of their Tiuku Standing Pendulum Clock Here previously, but wanted to showcase what the lesser known Aika Wall Clock has to offer as well.

Covo Aika Pendulum Wall Clock Found Here

What Sets Covo Aika Apart From Other Contemporary Wall Clocks

Contemporary and Minimalist Design

The Covo Aika Wall Clock features a very simple and minimalist design with clean lines, a clock face without markings or numbers and only the silhouette of its shape and two moving clock hands. There is great beauty in its simplicity, as not many other modern or contemporary clocks in this price range or Italian heritage feature these qualities. Even the pendulum is simple, yet bold, as a large, circular weight swings between the opening of the laser cut steel clock frame, creating a wonderful visual element. Bold design decisions have allowed this contemporary clock to maintain its functionality of precise and silent timekeeping while highlighting your favorite color and clean, calm and collected lines.

Covo Aika Pendulum Wall Clock by Ari Kanerva - Made in Italy

Italian Craftsmanship and Quality

It is known worldwide that Italian made artwork, decor, furniture and objects come with unmatched quality and attention to detail. Covo is no exception as they produce clocks that uphold that standard of noticeable craftsmanship and quality. The mechanism used in the Aika is a silent Quartz movement, designed to stand the test of time without making a sound. The Aiki was designed by expert designer, Ari Kanerva and is formed from a single sheet of powder coated steel that is laser cut and bent into the final form of the clock, making for seamless lines and a sturdy build. We have no doubt about the quality of the Aika clock and have heard wonderful things from our customers who’ve purchased them over the years.

Covo Aika Pendulum Wall Clock by Ari Kanerva - Made in Italy

A Wide Assortment of Color Choices

Its worth mentioning one of the most characteristic features of the Covo Aika, which are the wide assortments of color choices you get to choose from. Traffic white, light gray, jet black, ruby red, traffic orange, sulfur yellow, and green blue make up the color pallet this clock offers. There’s an option for any space, calm or bold, with some of the most popular colors being sulfur yellow and ruby red for those looking to make a wonderful statement by highlighting a wall in their space of choice. Each color is powder coated to the steel frame of the clock, ensuring that the clock maintains its precise color through wear and tear of various lighting sources and environmental conditions it may be exposed to. The Aika’s color choices are some of our customer’s favorite features of this model.

Covo Aika Pendulum Wall Clock by Ari Kanerva - Made in Italy


There aren’t many truly contemporary and minimal Italian made wall clocks on the market today that are of the quality of the Aika, while being within its affordable price range. With a solid construction, extremely wide selection of color choices and Italian made quality and craftsmanship behind this clock, the Aika remains one of our top recommendations for those wanting a contemporary wall clock for their space. The growing popularity of the Aika is no surprise, as it is simply created by a great wall clock that many people enjoy. Here at Time For a Clock, we’re here to help if you have any questions at all about any of Covo’s models or other contemporary clocks. We work hand in hand with Covo in Italy and can vouch for their quality, which when coupled with our customer service, makes for a wonderful purchasing experience for all. It’s Time For a Clock.

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