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Progetti Clock Review

Progetti - 24k Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

Progetti is a dynamic and creative fine clock producer based in Carate Brianza (MB), Italy. They’ve been thinking, researching and creating unique and quality furniture complements and home and office objects for over 30 years. Their designs are known worldwide as being both of high quality and exceptionally creative and we intend to show you why. Let’s get into the review.

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What Makes Progetti A Great Brand?

Attention to Detail

Every clock Progetti produces is cared for down to the smallest details, resulting in very high quality, form and function. Progretti has also been known to be an innovator in the home object space, producing clocks, contemporary cuckoo, coat racks, coffee tables and umbrella stands, all strictly Made in Italy. Their production process is semi-artesian, which means Progetti is able to keep the costs down in some parts of the manufacturing process, while leaving the fine and detailed craftsmanship to a skilled human hand. This results in a wonderful balance of affordability and quality in the final product customers around the world have grown to love.

Progetti - Strong Cucù 2 Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

Internationally Known Designers

Progetti Clocks are designed by great architects and designers of international fame: Gaetano Pesce, Gian Franco Frattini, Joe Colombo, Giulio Iacchetti, Matteo Ragni, Maurizio Duranti and Asps Studio that also follow the artistic direction. These are just some of the names who’ve worked with Progetti over the years. We believe its a great sign when clock companies have dedicated artisans, architects and designers on staff, ensuring that quality designs that stand the test of time are produced. It’s even better when these designers come from Italy and their rich history of great craftsmanship and art.

Progetti - Fatti + In Là Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

Unique Clock Designs

Progetti is among the first in Italy to create clocks that combine truly unique originality and functionality. Their designs range from simple, house-style cuckoo clocks with beautiful finishes, to clocks that look like tree stumps, leaning houses, mustaches and other shapes you normally wouldn’t image a clock taking the form of. In addition to unique shapes, Progetti has been a fan of adding bold colors and patters to some of their clocks they produce to add another dimension of creativity to the end product.

Progetti - Burano Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy
progetti clock

Only The Finest Materials

This Italian company has an affinity for the use of the very high quality materials and manufacturing processes as well. Their contemporary and unexpected designs and semi artisan production techniques are coupled with extensive industry experience and respect for the environment. This has all led Progetti to achieve international notoriety allowing to appear in many areas of the world.

Progetti creations are often made of locally sourced wood, metal, plastics and other materials, without the constraints of usual manufacturing technology. This provides the designers great freedom of action to satisfy the most demanding tastes, creating exclusive and detailed clocks while also catering to the expectations of a wider audience.

Progetti - Urban Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

A Couple of Our Favorite Progetti Clocks

The Progetti Monolith Cuckoo Clock

A classic and contemporary design, with a balance of offset angles and placements making the object very interesting, yet calming to look at.


Progetti - Monolith Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy


The Progetti Jazz Time Cuckoo Clock

We are sure no one has seen a clock with leaning houses before, and we’d be surprised if you have. The Jazz Time cuckoo clock is a fun way to showcase a more traditional cuckoo clock house design.

Progetti - Jazz Time Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

The Progetti Crooked Cuckoo Clock

With a large variety of color choices, the Crooked Cuckoo Clock is a great balance between a fun and respectable clock design that will fit nearly any space.

Progetti - Crooked Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

The Progetti Cucu Ball Cuckoo Clock

The Cucu Ball is another example of their ability to balance a fun, yet reserved styling. The colors are bold, but not too bold, and the asymmetry keeps it very interesting to observe.

Progetti - Cucu Ball Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

The Progetti Nido Cuckoo Clock

The Nido Cuckoo Clock is absolutely wonderful. Taking the form of a tree stump, this table or desk clock is highlighted with a detailed leaf and timeless contemporary color schemes.

Progetti - Nido Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

The Progetti Freebird Cuckoo Clock

The Freebird Cuckoo Clocks are a great and simple cuckoo clock design with depth and dimension highlighted by a variety of color choices. You’re sure to find a color scheme and simple design you’re looking for with the Freebird.

Progetti - Freebird Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy


No matter your age or taste, if you’re in the market for a wonderful clock, are open minded to new designs and natural and ecological materials or are just looking for a simple and emotional clock design, Progetti has a clock for you. Made in Italy by some of the world’s best artisans and craftsmen, Progetti continuously innovates, pushes through challenges and rethinks fun and simple everyday objects with originality and without losing their main function.

Here at Time For a Clock, we have great things to say about Progetti and their lineup of clockwork. Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions at all, as we work directly with their Italian office and are here to help.

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