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The Most Expensive Clock Brands

L'EPEE - Le Duel BLACKPEARL - Made In Switzerland

A lot goes into expensive clockwork, from rare materials to quality that lasts a lifetime and beyond. We’re here to highlight some of our favorite and most expensive clocks from around the world.

Who Makes The Most Expensive Clocks?

Teckell Takto

Teckell Takto is an Italian made floor and wall clock manufacturer that specializes in fine timepieces crafted from crystal and other exotic materials. The designer Gianfranco Barban has spent years perfecting the styling and design of their elegant lineup of timepieces which results in clocks fit for the wealthy and highest quality of spaces.

The Teckell TAKTO Adagio Floor Pendulum Clock is their most stunning model. Coming in at 644lbs and over 7 feet tall, if weight and height is any sense of quality, the Adagio tops the charts.

The clear crystal glass structure of this elegant timepiece allows you to see the beautiful Graham escapement mechanism inside. The pendulum rod is made up of a metal alloy called Invar that has a low thermal expansion coefficient in the case of temperature variation. There is a stainless steel arbor which has a revolution of 15 ball bearings.

The gears and pinions are DLC coated to reduce the friction coefficient. Graham Escapement is fixed at the top which responsible for maintaining the time. Around 6.5kg heavy stainless steel is used as pendulum bob. This fancy Adagio clock has a charge autonomy of 7+1 days and power can be maintained up to 5 minutes. Base and top available in Marquina black, Brushed Silver Wave Gray, or Polished Covelano White.

The Teckell TAKTO Allegro Wall Clock Allegro (Cheerful in Italian) wall pendulum clock is one of the most elegant wall clocks in the world. The crystal is the defining feature of this beautiful timepiece. Glass discs substitute for the traditional support structure and the discs are connected by lightweight glass columns. This unique design allows you to see the beautiful Graham escapement mechanism inside. The pendulum rod is made of Invar as well as similar components to the Adagio.

The Teckell TAKTO Vivace Wall Clock is another elegant wall clock in the collection, featuring similar components and materials as the Allegro but highlighted by a wonderful, black clock face that makes this timepiece stand out. This is the perfect backdrop for the 24K gold-plated mechanism, the clock’s sparkling touch. Literally lively, or Vivace.

The Teckell TAKTO Presto Wall Pendulum Clock designed by Gianfranco Barban for Teckell is a part of Takto timepieces collection. This gorgeous timepiece is the modern definition of time. The Graham escapement is visible within the two crystal disks that make up the structure and 24K gold-plated gears and pinions.

Teckell TAKTO Allegro Wall Clock by Gianfranco Barban - Made in Italy

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L’EPEE 1837

The L'EPEE Le Duel BLACKPEARL is one of the most unique and expensive table clocks available today. Made In Switzerland, this resolutely contemporary collection brings together tradition and fine clockmaking with an array of visual effects. From top to bottom, the eye is drawn first to the regular oscillations of the Incabloc escapement balance wheel, under which the two sword-shaped retrograde second hands spring back every twenty seconds. Next the eye comes to rest on the five-barrel movement and its fascinating dance of cogs, followed by the more solemn power reserve hands. The mechanism is protected by a glass case, and presented simply on its base. The plates of Le Duel Blackpearl are manufactured in brass with an all black finish giving it great depth. Its darkness allows enhanced light effects.

The selection of materials is very important, both for their physical properties and long-term durability, as well as their graphic appearance and esthetics. Thus the Le Duel movement is primarily made of palladium-plated brass, machined exclusively at the Delémont factory in the Swiss Jura. Machining the plates is an essential stage because it gives the movement its depth. One of them has a Côtes de Genève decoration, while the others present a polished finish with sandblasted edges.

These plates are beautifully hollowed out to reveal the delicate movement, providing observers with a profound insight into the mechanics of time. Le Duel clocks also offer the light effects that are so characteristic of L’Epée 1839 creations. Various finishes are used here to enhance the timepieces. Anglage, mirror polishing, satin finishing, circular brushing, sandblasting and polishing are all techniques perfectly mastered by the brand’s craftsmen. All of this combined makes it one of the most expensive table clocks in the world.

L'EPEE - LA TOUR Modern Table Clock - Made In Switzerland
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Erwin Sattler

The Erwin Sattler OPUS TOURBILLON Table Clock is hand made in Germany and limited in quantity. This scarcity and stunning appearance make it one of the most sought after table clocks in the world. All parts of the solid stainless-steel case are individually milled, grounded and carefully polished by hand in elaborate and limited small series. Due to the special design of the case construction (which is also used in the precision pendulum clock Opus Perpetual), almost no edges of the case glass can be seen. This creates the amazing effect that the viewer has an apparently floating clockwork in front of him.

The Erwin Sattler manufacture caliber 1399-1, with a 14-day clockwork, the display of the date, moon phase and power reserve, impresses not only with its aesthetic and at the same time technically sophisticated design, but above all with the embedded minute tourbillon.

This “crowning achievement” of watchmaking can be traced back to the famous watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, who had the brilliant idea in 1801. The flying variant, based on a further development by Alfred Helwig, means a further increase in complexity, since it is only stored on the back and thus allows an unobstructed view of the escapement. The tourbillon with all its filigree parts, worked down to the last detail, can really show off its shine. Embedded in the funnel gemmed with 12 diamonds, it is the sparkling eye-catcher of every Opus Tourbillon.

Erwin Sattler - Opera Timelessly Beautiful Table Clock - Made In Germany
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The Most Expensive Clock Brands and models are all from the finest European clockmakers and designers. Italy bringing Teckell Takto, Switzerland bringing L’EPEE 1837 and Germany bringing Erwin Sattler. As we’ve admired what makes these clocks special, timeless and expensive, rest assured that purchasing any of these models will result in a timeless addition to any space it ends up calling home. The most expensive brands are expensive for a reason, as these are some of the finest clocks the world has to offer.

Feel free to reach out anytime, as we are here to help with any questions you may have with regards to these wonderful clock manufacturers and models.

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