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Incantesimo Design Clock Review

Incantesimo Design Clock Review

Incantesimo Design is an Italian fine decor and clock manufacturer that has mastered the design and planning phases of their work. Their iconic clock designs, the graphic work, the research and use of the most innovative materials, the study of trends and current combinations; all of these activities are carried out by Incantesimo Design in order to produce elegant and refined articles with absolute original characteristics. Let’s get into what makes this brand special.

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What Makes Incantesimo Design Stand Apart in Italian Clockwork?

The Materials Used in Their Designs

It’s no secret that Italian designed articles stand the test of time more often than not. As the years pass, Italian design stays in fashion, and with designs and shapes that stay in fashion for long periods of time, excellent quality materials must be used to ensure the object in question will last that long as well.

The most commonly used material for each object Incantesimo Designs produces is fused methacrylate. This material is rigid, colorless, of exceptional clearness and can be colored with a wide range of dyes, evidencing the light and color transmission and diffusion effects in a unique way.

The fused methacrylate is the best acrylic crystal currently on the market; it is unalterable in time and completely recyclable. This material choice pulls together strength, durability and beauty and is why it is so prominent in their clockwork.

The appliqués are of veneered wood and carefully chosen first quality essences. In addition, they are composed of stratified metal sheets with micro thickness colored steel, which are defined high tech materials characterized by remarkable durability, strength and lightness.

Incantesimo Design - Omnus Wall Clock - Made in Italy

Fine Quality with Exceptional Standards

Quality control is another pillar of Incantesimo Design worth mentioning. Each clock is thoroughly inspected before shipping out to customers, and throughout the entire process of crafting the item, countless checks and inspections are undertaken to ensure a continued high standard of quality. Furthermore, each article is equipped with a profile describing the technical details, the materials and the meaning of each object upon shipment. Each profile is also considered as a guarantee of Italian-Made Quality.

Our Favorite Incantesimo Design Clocks

Their Finest Tables Clocks

The Cellarius Table Clock features a unique design we’ve only seen from this manufacturer. The Cellarius weather station line has a minimalist style, with its clockface sitting suspended in midair at an angle. The chromatic combinations obtained through the use of very modern materials play a decisive role in the fit of these items, creating a style of elegance and originality.

Incantesimo Design - Cellarius Table Clock Found Here

Cellarius Table Clock

Incantesimo Design - Cellarius Weather Station Table Clock Found Here

Cellarius Weather Station Table Clock

A new concept for reading time is proposed with the Hemisphere clock. The arrangement of the quadrants and the dynamic movement of the hemisphere make it possible to visualize the rotation of the twenty-four hours in the northern hemisphere in an instant. The clock resumes the shape of the armillary sphere that was invented by the Greeks as early as the 3rd century BC. as an instrument of observation of the celestial vault.

Incantesimo Design - Hemisphere Big Table Clock Found Here

Incantesimo Design - Hemisphere Big Table Clock - Made in Italy

The Greenwich clock is a wonderful representation of the meridian or prime meridian. The longitude line of Earth passes through the Greenwich observatory in England, bringing the significance forth.

This clock takes the shape of an armillary sphere, which was invented by the Greeks in III century B.C. and used as an observation instrument for the sky. This clock is intended to represent the peak of wisdom and knowledge.

Incantesimo Design - Greenwich Armillare Table Clock Found Here

Incantesimo Design - Greenwich Armillare Table Clock - Made in Italy

The design of the Ipsum table clock combines genius and innovation. By simply rotating the internal face, a transformation occurs and the classic 12 hours becomes the 24-hour system. A further rotation of the outer face shifts the zodiac signs into constellations. A crossed half-rotation produces an even more captivating clock. These movements and transformations provide Ipsum with style and sophistication.

Incantesimo Design - Ipsum Table Clock Found Here

Incantesimo Design - Ipsum Table Clock - Made in Italy

Wonderful Wall Clocks

The Incantesimo Design Unum Wall Clock is an expression of elegance, proportion and harmony of style, based on simple shapes and a minimal design. The excellent and eye catching chromium plated brass, methacrylate and colored beech materials play an important role for placement in any every modern environment.

Incantesimo Design - Unum Wall Clock Found Here

Incantesimo Design - Unum Wall Clock - Made in Italy

The Ipsicle wall clock has been designed with originality and creativity following an aesthetically well-balanced style. The dynamism of the gears and the harmonious relation between shape and materials make it a pleasant object to contemplate.

Incantesimo Design - Ipsicle Wall Clock Found Here

Incantesimo Design - Ipsicle Wall Clock - Made in Italy

The Incantesimo Design Genius is a modern pendulum wall clock with a simple and logical design. It is visibly well balanced and encompasses rationality and refinement in its style. It is pleasant to observe it for the harmony that exists between the materials used and its innovative and open shape.

Incantesimo Design - Genius Pendulum Wall Clock Found Here

Incantesimo Design - Genius Pendulum Wall Clock - Made in Italy


Since 1997, Incantesimo Design has been a fine Italian craft company that produces great clocks and other fine decor. The initial target was to produce clocks with the help of high tech devices and techniques in order to create high quality articles that will last many years with ease.

In addition the the clocks mentioned above, Incantesimo Design has many more options and styles to choose from. Our entire collection of this wonderful brand can be found at the link below. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with any Italian-made clock selection from Incantesimo Design.

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