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Who Makes the Best Mantel Clocks?

All of us have seen clocks that are placed on the mantel, on tables or desk or above the fireplace where the time can easily be observed and admired in the living space. These clocks are usually smaller in size and do not have very big carrying handles, which allows them to fit on most surfaces such as mantel or shelves.

If we look at the large variety of mantel clocks available in the market, we can come to know that they are available in various decorative forms as well.

Weโ€™ll go into detail about the history, build quality, and styling of mantel, table and desk clocks as well as touch on some of our favorite brands and models.

Now let's discuss in detail the history, specifications as well as the most popular brands that design French empire-style mantel clocks.

Nomon Omega Modern Table Clock - Made in Spain

What is a Mantel Clock?

A mantel clock is a traditional clock that was first of all used by the French in the 18th century. The distinguishing feature of this clock is that it is most commonly used for watching time near fireplaces or on the mantel.

Hermle Austen Bracket-Style Mantel Clock - Made in U.S

The History of Mantel Clocks

The history of mantel clocks is quite interesting and their use started in the 1750s. Before the 18th century, mantel clocks were not being produced, but rather chamber clocks were widely in use. The first mantel clock, named the Massachusetts mantel clock, was a very inexpensive and cheap clock that was created in Boston, Massachusetts. However, the early use and adoption of these clocks was observed among the French people.

It is worth mentioning that initially these clocks were quite heavy and had a pinwheel escapement as well.

If we look at the structure and design of old fashioned mantel clocks, we come to know that they had a second hand and a calendar dial and were considered standardized shelf clocks.

Hermle Clearbrook Barrister 12" Mechanical Mantel Clock

Modern Mantel Clocks

The design, style and structure of modern mantel clocks is quite different from the traditional ones. If you look at the major differences, we come to know that modern mantel clocks are quite lighter in weight and are primarily made up of porcelain wood and ormolu. On the other hand, the construction of traditional mantel clocks was quite metallic and very little wood was used in these French empire-style timepieces.

In this era of modernism and technological advancement, newer clocks are used as animated figures. If you are fond of watching Disney films you must have seen Cogsworth as a character in these movies. The structure of this amazing character strongly resembles the mantel clock and he can be regarded as the animated figure of a mantel clock. Various other animated movies of the 20th and 21st centuries also reveal the popularity of this type of clock in popular culture. Some of the well-known examples include Beauty And The Beast that was released in 1991.

Hermle Chigwell Limited Edition Mechanical Table Clock - Made in Germany

Chiming Mantel Clocks

The chiming mantel clock is a very well known and interesting version of mantel clock. The distinguishing feature of this type of mantel clock is its ability to chime on the hour or half hour, depending on the clocks configuration and capability.

Many chiming mantel clocks also come with moon phase dials to track the movement of the moon, extended power reserves that can last up to 40 days as well as key wound movement for compact and efficient power storage.

Hermle Bergamo Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

Our Favorite Mantel Clock Brands

Here weโ€™ll highlight our favorite mantel clock brand that also fits well on tables and desks alike.


Incantesimo Design - Unum Table Clock - Made in Italy


Hermle Mantel Clocks

Hermle mantel clocks are some of the most well known and classic mantel clocks around. They come in a variety of different price points ranging from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars depending on the finishes and features of the clock. All Hermle clocks are unique, well built and backed by the legendary and solid Hermle brand name. Some of the most prominent and high-quality Hermle mantel clocks include Tellurium clocks, Chigwell Mantel Clock, Debden Mahogany Mantel Clock, Queensway Mantel Clock and Astrolabium Clock.

If you want to know the basic differences between these different versions of Hermle mantel clocks, stick around.

Hermle Astro Tellurium Mantle Clock - Made in Germany

Astrolabium Clock by Hermle

Hermle Astrolabium Quartz Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

This is a unique and highly accurate quartz clock that is available at a 3-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The current discounted price of this mantel clock is just under $2400. It has an alkaline battery whose operating time is 1 year so that you can enjoy a trouble-free timing experience for an entire year, while still receiving the build quality and exterior craftsmanship of the Hermle brand.

Debden Mahogany Mantel Clock by Hermle

Hermle Debden Classic Mechanical Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

If you are looking for a comparatively cheap version of a mantel clock then the design and style of these Hermle mantel clocks are perfect for you. It is currently available just under $1000 and comes in a mahogany finished wooden case. The distinguishing feature of this clock is the 8 day 4/4 Westminster chime movement. This clock is a perfect combination of modern and traditional styles of mantel clocks. The Debden also features a German made mechanical movement for long lasting, electricity-free timekeeping.

Hermle Chigwell Mantel Clock

Hermle Chigwell Limited Edition Mechanical Table Clock - Made in Germany

The Hermle Chigwell Mantel Clock is an amazing version of the mantel clock which takes the form of a cube, giving the clock a minimalist elegance. The outstanding and fantastic quality of the materials and craftsmanship of this clock makes it a masterpiece of the 21st century. The polished, nickel-plated finish and solid brass dial add to the decoration. Currently, this clock is available at just under $2000, right at the line of optimum build quality for a relatively affordable price.


If you are looking for the clock that is the perfect amalgamation of old mantel clock styles and modern versions you should visit our entire Hermle mantel clock collection. Hermle is a unique and trusted clock manufacturer working in the U.S.A. and Germany that has been continuously manufacturing stunning clocks since 1922. Hermle clock manufacturers make their own clock parts and use high-quality material for the manufacturing of mantel clocks.

Please give us a call, message or email with any questions at all regarding Hermle Mantel clocks or any other table or desk clocks in our collection. We are in close contact with each clock manufacturer and can answer any questions you may have promptly and efficiently. We guarantee the best pricing on line on our entire collection of clocks as well.

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