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Sell Your Clock with Time for a Clock

Looking to sell your grandfather clock or another antique clock? Whether it's a cherished vintage timepiece that's been in your family for decades, a cuckoo clock that's been the centerpiece of your living room, or a grandfather clock that holds sentimental value, we understand the emotional and financial worth of your timepiece.

At Time for a Clock, we're not just about selling designer clocks and interior design pieces. We're also passionate about helping individuals like you get the right valuation and platform to sell your clocks. Our process is designed to be transparent, efficient, and beneficial for both parties involved.

Here's how our clock selling process works:

  1. Valuation: For a fixed price of $50, we'll provide a valuation for your clock. Once you receive the results, you can decide whether you'd like to proceed with the sale. For a more comprehensive assessment, we offer a professional clock valuation at $200. This includes a written valuation by a recognized professional valuer, suitable for insurance purposes.
  2. Listing: Decide to sell? We'll showcase your clock on our website at no extra charge. Plus, we'll liaise with our auction house partners to ensure your timepiece gets the attention it deserves.
  3. Verification & Sale: When there's interest, send us your clock. We'll confirm its condition matches the description. If auctioned, we aim to secure a price close to its appraised value, though this isn't guaranteed. Most auction houses let us set a reserve price, ensuring your clock isn't undersold.
  4. Payment: Once sold, you'll receive 75% of the final sale price. We retain a 15% commission, with an additional 10% covering credit card, processing, and shipping fees. Note: For larger clocks, like grandfather clocks, additional shipping fees may apply.

Ready to Sell Your Antique Clock?

If you're thinking, "Where can I sell my grandfather clock?" or searching for "antique clock buyers near me," look no further. Email us detailed photos and information about your timepiece, and we'll respond swiftly. For any questions or guidance, we're just a call or email away, ready to assist.