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Daum Crystal Vases

Daum crystal vases are extremely unique vases that are manufactured by Daum. They are created using a unique and ancient method known as the Pate de crystal technique. Nowadays Daum crystal vases are created utilizing the traditional techniques but with some modern tools and processes as well.

We’ve prepared the following to give you an insight into the Daum crystal vases and what makes them so special.

What Sets Daum Crystal Vases Apart?

The technique that is used for the designing and creation of Daum Crystal Vases dates back to the year 5000 B.C. The specialty and uniqueness of this technique is evident from the fact that similar crystal pieces were also discovered in pharaohs' tombs. Another distinguishing feature of these crystal vases is that they have a very unique & soft texture that is quite different from the texture of the blown glass, due to the fact that they are made by melting fragments of crystals.
It is important to mention that Daum is the premier and most specialized glassmaker that focused on this ancient and antique trend of making crystal vases, crystal bowls, crystal vase vintage, luxury crystal vases, crystal vases for flowers, with this technique and has brought the most expensive crystal vases in front of the world.

Crystal Patterns and Colors

Daum is a unique Crystal brand that never compromises in creating the most artistic, aesthetic and decorative products made up of crystals. Daum Crystal Vases are the most modern savoir-faire, magical masterpieces that came into being from having a very deep and great relationship with the designers, stylists, architectures, and artists of their time.

More than 350 exceptional artists have worked hard for more than 140 years to bring the present shape of the highly unique and incomparable Daum crystal vases, bowls, flowers and sculptures.

The brilliant material that is used in the creation and manufacturing of Daum Crystal Vases adds to their softness. These vases capture both fine details and subtle contouring.

The structural composition of these vases plays a vital role in giving them a unique touch. The key ingredients include a paste of Crystal which utilizes 30% lead. These two components combine to give the final color to these vases. The crystals that were created in the form of fragments are of the shape and size of granules. Some other materials with different proportions are also added but their percentage is considerably small compared to the paste made of Crystal and lead.

Handmade in France

Daum Flowers

Whenever someone sees the stunning beauty of Daum crystals they often wonder where these crystal sculptures and masterpieces are created and structured. As we know, they are entirely handmade and created with the collaboration of master artisans in France, who bring these amazing creations in front of the world for all to enjoy.

Originally these splendid Daum products were designed and created in France where the artists and craftsmen did their best to bring out the rainbow of color and light. To this day, they are still hand made in France and also represent the designing and decoration trends of the different eras.

History of Daum Since 1878

The history of Daum is nearly 150 years old, beginning when people started researching the pieces that were found in the remains of Pharaoh's tombs. Daum parttook in this research ancient research in 1878 and discovered it completely in 1900. The development process continued until 1968 when the team of experts succeeded in presenting something very delicate and soft to the world. This was the skill of creating the crystal vases using the melting of crystal fragments that we see in Daum’s collections today.

It is no secret that the skill of fine crystal making is extremely difficult and delicate to master because of the melting process requires a certain temperature and mixture. As we have already discussed, this technique was given the name of pate de crystal and has the remarkable ability to give translucency to the forms it reproduces. If we look at the uniqueness of this technique we come to know that it is completely different from the crystallization process that is obtained with blown glass.

What to Use Your Daum Crystal Vase For?

We know that these crystal vases are masterpieces, so they are used for very special occasions and look stunningly beautiful when they are used in homes and offices. There is only one renowned brand in the world that creates these Daum crystal vases and sculptures. If we look at the designs and colors of beautiful and modern vases, it can be a tricky to find the perfect place for your work of art. After over a hundred years of expert craftsmanship it would only be right to place it in a space where it will stand out and be recognized.

Flowers and Decoration

Daum crystal vases work wonderfully as flower vases, adding a unique highlight and flare to your already stunning bokay of flowers. Different size vases are available for every occasion, whether it be a single rose or a whole bokay of your favorite flowers. In addition to being a functional flower vase, Daum’s vases are stunning enough to simply stand out on their own without a thing inside of them. Many of their top designs include flares or flower styling already all of the vase, giving them a life of their own.

Rocks, Sand, Nuts, Fruit & Candies

Daum also makes a wide assortment of bowls and trays with these fine materials and artisans, which work great for displays of rocks, sands, nuts, fruits and candies. What better way to display a collection of some of your favorites nick nacks or small treats and items for guests than with a uniquely colored and shaped Daum crystal masterpiece.


For nearly 150 years, Daum has been making the best crystal artwork in the world in France. They’ve mastered the pate de crystal technique, which has allowed them to dominate the luxury crystal space and continuously produce new shapes, designs and colors for the world to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a vase, bowl, tray, animal sculpture or flower, Daum has a crystal piece of art for you. Here at Time For a Clock, we have one of the largest Daum crystal collections in the world available for our customers. We work directly with Daum’s American team to ensure that you get the best customer service possible. We are here to help you with your fine crystal search anytime.

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