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Hermle Berlin Grandfather Clock Review

Hermle Berlin Grandfather Clock Review

Check Out The Hermle Berlin Found Here

The Hermle Berlin is one of the most luxurious and quality grandfather clocks ever made. Standing at 87” tall ( 7’ 3” ) it is a elegantly commanding work of art in any space it ends up calling home. Made in Germany with the utmost attention to detail and featuring beautiful tubular chimes and a massive pendulum, the Hermle Berlin a grandfather clock to be marveled at.

Build Quality

Made in Germany

It’s no secret that the Germans have been making great clocks for centuries now and to this day Germany continues to make some of the highest quality clock movements and wood framed clocks on Earth. The Hermle Berlin is made in Germany, from its movement to the wood that holds it together, and the quality can easily be seen as it stands against your wall.

Tubular Chimes

The Berlin features triple tubular chimes with a chime frequency of 4/4h. The chimes play Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington as well, bringing out the heritage this clock exemplifies. These wonderful tubular chimes sit behind the massive and elegant pendulum that can be seen swinging through the front of the clock’s case.


The Hermle Berlin’s movement is very high quality. It is powered by an 8 day, triple chime, weight driven movement which is kept very accurate by its large swinging pendulum. Simply reset the weights once per week to keep this clock powered up and on time. This clock also is highlighted by a beautiful moon phase dial at its crown, which stunning in person, bringing deep blue colors to the clocks appearance.

Size and Setup


Standing at 7 feet, 3 inches, the Berlin is one of the largest clocks we carry. That’s what people love about it though, as it seems to command the space it occupies, but in an elegant and respectful manner. This grandfather clock's dimensions are 87" x 28" x 14" (H x W x D), and the Berlin weights in at just over 200 lbs. Here at Time For a Clock, we provide free shipping and expert, white glove delivery services get this beautiful clock into your home and setup for you, making purchasing your next grandfather clock a breeze.


The Hermle Berlin is our best selling grandfather clock due to its quality and stature. Made in Germany, with wonderful tubular chimes that ring out warm tones, the Berlin will make a grand statement in any room it ends up calling home. Here at Time For a Clock, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality products and customer service and we work closely with Hermle to ensure that you get the best information and assistance possible.

Check Out The Hermle Berlin Found Here

Hermle Berlin Grandfather Clock Review

Check Out The Hermle Berlin Found Here

What Are Our Customers Saying?

" Dear sir, I wanted to let you know the Hermle Berlin 87" Grandfather Clock has finally arrived but the wait was worth it. This timepiece is nothing short of magnificent. Its simple but eye catching design makes it stand out like a diamond. This is my third grandfather clock and its a wonderful addition to my large clock collection. I installed uv blue lights top and bottom and it shines at night in all its beauty. The top light shines through the open time face exposing all the inner working of the clock mechanisms. The bottom light softly exposing the beautiful pendulum, weights and tubes. WOW! Thanks again for your wonderful service. S. Ron Howell "