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Erwin Sattler

Timeless Brilliance:
The Clock Manufactory Erwin Sattler

Since 1958, the Erwin Sattler clock manufactory has elevated its craft to an art of timeless value. Based in Gräfelfing near Munich, the manufactory creates timekeepers in accordance with the requirements of “Made in Germany” that outlast generations. Every single timekeeper and its proud owner carry the reputation of the family business out into the world. In a virtuoso way, centuries-old traditional craftsmanship is combined here with the latest precision technology. The unique design gives expression to sophistication in a way that only very few other products can.

Whether precision of a pendulum clock, table clock, wristwatch or watch winder: Customers of Erwin Sattler purchase more than just a highly functional product, it is more than only an investment. They receive increased quality of life, which can be literally experienced – by the rhythmic pendulum beat of precision pendulum clocks and pendulum clocks, by the gentle ticking of a superb table clock or by the visual appearance of our watch winders. Each clock exudes a sense of exclusivity that creates an atmosphere in your home, where time passes equally tactfully as well as comes to a pleasant standstill.

Movement Quality, Made in Germany

The production of the up to 477 parts that are sometimes necessary to complete our complex movements takes time. Engraving the different scales on a dial alone takes about fifty minutes – at the end of which it is lavishly silver-plated.

Our base plates, upon which all the moving parts of a movement are mounted, are crafted in hardened brass that is up to five millimeters thick so that they are extremely stable. Each drilled hole is individually positioned and applied by our CNC-controlled machine. This process takes longer than simultaneous drilling with conventional machines, but it is much more precise.

The elegant legs of our gear wheels are not stamped, but rather milled from a whole piece. The watchmakers mount them on solid, hardened, steel arbors with precisely cut pinions. For lasting protection from oxidation, all our brass parts are plated with precious gold. To improve performance and reduce wear on the material, we use pallets made of agate. The gear wheel arbors are put in jewel bearings mounted in so-called chatons or the most modern precision ball bearings.

Exceptionally small driving weights and unusually long maintenance intervals are the positive result. Consistent use of high-grade materials, our own milling and computerized machines, and above all the high standard that each employee demands of him or herself make the unique Sattler quality possible. It can be up to two years before a new Sattler movement is finally encased. This seems like a long time, but it is actually very little compared to the centuries a clock made in the Erwin Sattler manufactory will have to live. We are passionately dedicated to making clocks that will continue to bring joy to future generations – and that justifies just about any amount of effort.

Always in time

Whether on the wall or on the desk, a Erwin Sattler clock also ticks to the steady rhythm of the world and indicates the time in a sophisticated fashion. In our clock manufactory near Munich, we focus on a design that is as straightforward and calm today as it will be in the future – in other words, timeless.

Thus, each clock shines with hand-shaped and blued hands or with hand-painted moon phase indicators. Also, a clock from Erwin Sattler will delight several owners, as it will travel through time and tastefully fit into any home. As if a table clock’s only task is to outlast and enhance the presence.

Table clocks

Desk, mantel and table clocks have been a staple of upmarket, tasteful interior design for centuries. Their appearance was always influenced for one by the style of their era and for another by their intended use. During the Renaissance, table clocks were equipped with numerous calendar and other astronomical displays in addition to the hands showing the hours and minutes.

Sophisticated art connoisseurs used them to demonstrate and impress with their interest in the progession of science. Erwin Sattler builds on this long tradition today. The focus is on exquisite craftsmanship and technical innovation coupled with contemporary design – and the manufacture’s usual high standards of quality always apply. What is more, these clocks are simply irresistibly beautiful.