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Nomon Wall Clock Review

Nomon Clocks are some of the finest clocks produced in Spain. Each Nomon clock is hand made in Barcelona, Spain giving them a unique feel and quality that stands the test of time. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Nomon Clocks as well as the features that make them stand out as the iconic brand they are.

What Makes Nomon Clocks So Great?

Airy and Unique Material and Design Choices

Durable and stylish fiberglass wire is a common material Nomon often uses in the frames and faces of their wall clocks. These materials are often complimented by brass, nickel and various types of wood highlights with the hands and mounting hardware. The combination of these metals, fiberglass and wood create a unique mix of materials rarely seen in quality clockwork. The fiberglass rods bent to perfection, in particular, give their wall clocks an airy feel unmatched by any other quality clock maker. Their clocks can take up large spaces with only leaving a small footprint due to their often open design.

Nomon Dos Puntos Wall Clock - Josè Maria Reina - Made in Spain

Diversity of Shape and Design

As mentioned above, Nomon pushes the limits of clock design with regards to form and function. They specialize in hanging wall clocks that are open and airy, but also small and compact for those smaller spaces. Nomon also has many clocks for tables and desks in a variety of creative designs, shapes and angles. Some of their clocks look like people, with the clock face as the head, while others seem to float on your wall as double sided tape holds each individual hour marker in its place without the usual ring or clock face.

Nomon Swing Wall Clock - Made in Spain

Our Favorites Nomon Clocks

The Nomon Look Modern Wall Clock

One of our favorite Nomon clocks is the Nomon Look Modern Wall Clock which stands out for having a double ring that perfectly frames the silhouette of an eye. These rings are made of fiberglass, a very innovative material used in the vast majority of their clocks. The hands have a particular way because they seek to imitate the eyelashes of an eye, changing form as the day progresses forward.

There are two lines parallel to each other to mark the hours and minutes. These are made of natural walnut, an essential material in the construction of Nomon clocks.

To frame the needles they have the polished brass box in golden behind them where the necessary mechanisms of the Nomon Look are to work perfectly. If you are looking for in a unique wall clock capable of being the center of attention and dazzling those who view it, the Nomon Look Modern Wall Clock is a wonderful option to consider.

Nomon Look Wall Clock- Josè Maria Reina - Made in Spain

The Nomon Barcelona Modern Wall Clock

Another on of our favorite Nomon clocks is the Nomon Barcelona Modern Wall Clock. This clock is the largest of the Barcelona family of clocks in Nomon’s lineup, with two large rings and a time piece in natural walnut wood. This clock features a large minimalist design and has a diameter of 90 cm capable of decorating a lounge, the reception of a hotel or a family room in your home. The support of this clock is fixed to the surface of a wall with a double-sided adhesive tape, making for a simple and easy installation. All of this clock’s parts are handmade in Spain and also assembled by hand. Modern, elegant, minimal and stunning, the Nomon Barcelona is the perfect modern clock for any large space.

Nomon Barcelona Wall Clock - Made in Spain

The Nomon Puntos Modern Wall Clock

The Nomon Puntos Suspensivos Wall Clock is a simple and easy way to decorate any wall space. This clock is made from high quality steel and can be placed nearly anywhere with the included adhesive backings on each piece. The different color choices allow you to add a minimal flare with a modern touch as this clock appears to be suspended in midair on your wall.

Nomon Puntos Suspensivos Wall Clock - Made in Spain


Based in Barcelona, Nomon creates clocks and furniture with three principles in mind: creativity, design and technology. Their handcrafted clocks, are designed to be as useful as they are luxurious, elevating functional pieces to iconic modern statements. There are many more wonderful Nomon Wall and Table Clocks available throughout our store, and we are here to help if you need any assistance at all during your search for a wonderful, Spanish Made Nomon Clock.

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