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Grandfather Clock Buyers Guide

Grandfather Clock Buyers Guide

Grandfather clocks have the ability to transform a room with their large presence. They’re a great addition to a room that needs a bit of a classic or elegant touch, and can last for hundreds of years if taken care of properly. Whether you’re looking for a more modern or classic style of grandfather clock, we’re sure you’ll be able to find just the model for you in our wide collection of floor clocks.

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What to Consider When Looking for a Grandfather Clock?


There are various styles of grandfather clocks to choose from, ranging from more classic models such as the Hermle Berlin, to more modern models such as the Covo Tiuku Floor Clock. Some of the most common styles and finishes include, Traditional, Cherry, Oak, Trending, Contemporary, and Presidential. You’ll definitely want to know what look your going for when beginning your search.

Size & Weight

Grandfather Clocks come in a variety of sizes, but most being over 70” tall. In general, they are larger clocks that can reach heights of up to 84”, so you must be sure that the doorways and ceilings of the space you indent to place your clock are accommodating in height. In addition, weight should be a factor as well, as some of the larger and more solid grandfather clocks will need multiple people and a moving dolly to move it into your space or up or down stairs.

Covo Tiuku Standing Pendulum Clock - Contemporary Grandfather Clock by Ari Kanerva - Made in Italy


The most exciting point to discuss about choosing a Grandfather Clock is the features it will come with. Some of the most common chime and movement features are as follows:

Chain Driven Westminster Chime Clocks
Chains are located behind the door of the grandfather clock that are pulled once a week to raise the weights that power the clock back up to their full power state. Every quarter hour Westminster Chimes will play a few notes and then their full melody on the hour, followed by a tone in the quantity of the hour. A lever is usually available to silence the chimes at will.

Cable Driven Westminster Chime Clocks
These clocks are identical to the Chain Driven models, differing only in that the weights are raised by turning a key rather than pulling a chain. Every quarter hour Westminster Chimes will play a few notes and then their full melody on the hour, followed by a tone in the quantity of the hour. A lever is usually available to silence the chimes at will.

Night Time Shut Off Options
There are full manual options available to silence the chimes depending on the position of the silencing lever located on the clock. In addition, there are also lever options available that automatically silence the chimes between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

Cable Driven Triple Chime Clocks
The Triple Chime option is the most dynamic and adjustable option for a chiming grandfather clock. With the same abilities to silence the chimes and choose how often they will chime within the hour, you can also select between three different chiming melodies, Westminster, Whittington and St. Michaels.

Quartz Floor Clocks
These clocks are unique in their own way, being significantly cheaper than clocks with mechanical movements, while still allowing for the owner to have a clock of similar stature and build quality for a reduced price. Quartz clocks run off of batteries, but in doing so, require to weekly adjustments to keep them powered and they can have more automated controls for chime timing and silencing.

Moon Dial Clocks
Grandfather Clocks with Moon Dials are some of the most sought after features we see. Higher end key wound grandfather clocks will come with a fully functional and astrologically correct moon dial at the top of the face of the clock. When the moon on the moon dial reaches the 15th day of the 29 1/2 day lunar cycle, it will appear at the top of the dial, indicating it is a full moon at that time. The dial rotates clockwise over 29 1/2 days and when the image of the moon disappears, it is a new moon.

Hermle Biltmore Grandfather Clock - Made in U.S


With such a wide range of features a Grandfather Clock can offer, there is a wide range of prices that they can cost. Below is an estimate of what to expect for quality, mechanical Grandfather Clocks with the following features:

Chain Driven Westminster Chime Clocks - $1600.00 - $2000.00
Cable Driven Westminster Chime Clocks - $2000.00 - $2400.00
Cable Driven Westminster Chime Clocks with Chime Silencing - $2400.00 - $3000.00
Cable Driven Triple-Chime with Chime Silencing - $3000.00+

Some of Our Favorite Grandfather Clocks

Hermle Berlin Grandfather Clock

The intricate floral filigree and striking handcrafted case creates an Old World charm in this traditional walnut finished grandfather clock. Featuring a moon phase dial and an 8 day triple chime movement. The beauty in this Hermle Berlin Grandfather Clock is seen in the classic walnut finish and the finely crafted inlays. This elegant masterpiece features patented mechanical 8-day Hermle movement, and an automatic night shut off means there's no need to reset the clock each morning. The Berlin Grandfather Clock’s chimes are Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington on a tubular gong. This is one of the most popular floor clocks in our collection.

Hermle Berlin 87" Found Here

Hermle Berlin 87" Grandfather Floor Clock - Made in Germany

Hermle Alexandria Grandmother Clock

With its petite stature and pinched waist, the Alexandria grandmother clock is the definition of refined modern farmhouse style. Mechanical 8 day chain driven movement with Westminster chimes. This classic Alexandria grandmother clock features a split swan neck pediment and finial and beautiful moon phase antique dial and brass weight shells. The clock is weight driven with German-made Westminster movement and Virginia-made beautifully crafted solid wood pediment. The mechanical 8-day movement features Westminster chimes.

Hermle Alexandria Found Here
Hermle Alexandria Grandmother Clock - Made in U.S

Hermle Nicolette Triple Chime Grandfather Clock

The classic grandfather clock gets a modern farmhouse update with a black finish, nickel accessories, brass movement, and the sophisticated flat top. This model features a bottom drawer and an 8 day triple chime. The 8-day cable driven Hermle Nicolette, Triple (Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington) Chime Grandfather Clock features a solid wood handmade case. Crown molding and a stepped base, along with half turned columns give this contemporary clock a little bit of antique flair. Black finish adds to the drama of the brass dial and ornate cast center design.

Hermle Nicolette 85" Triple Chime Found Here
Hermle Nicolette 85" Triple Chime Grandfather Clock - Made in U.S


Here at Time For a Clock we offer some of the finest, high end decor and clockwork from around the world, and our Grandfather Clock collection is no exception. We work very closely with some of the best brands available and are here to answer any questions you may have. We started as a high end clock store and are proud to continue to offer industry leading customer service and support, with white glove home delivery options and quality phone and email support so your next Grandfather Clock purchase is completed with ease. We’re here to help. 855-256-2579

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