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Hermle Astronomical and Tellurium Clocks

Hermle Astronomical and Tellurium Clocks

There’s nothing quite like a Hermle Astronomical or Tellurium Clock. The attention to detail in these masterpieces is astonishing, as representations of the solar system rotate and move in real time to show the placement of our local celestial bodies around us. These clocks do more than simply tell time, often indicating the placement of the sun, moon, earth, planets and zodiac signs depending on the model you’re considering. Be sure to see some of our favorite models and what sets them apart below.

Tellurium - Astronomical Clocks with a Mechanical Movement

An Overview of the Tellurium

Hermle Tellurium clocks are highlighted by their mechanical movement, which is powered by energy stored in a spring that must be would occasionally to maintain function. As they are mechanical, they require no batteries as they make use of the reserve of spring energy to turn their beautifully manufactured movements and move their attached components. Due to their complexity they can be a bit delicate and it is best to keep them clean and well maintained to ensure that your Tellurium lasts a lifetime. Owning a Tellurium clock is a very visceral experience, as you can feel the tension of the spring when winding the clock’s power reserve. You can hear the gears clicking and ticking if you listen closely and best of all, you can see the intricate design and layout of the solar system and zodiac patterns as they move around the dome of the clock.

Hermle Astronomical and Tellurium Clocks

Some of Our Favorite Tellurium Clocks by Hermle

There are many great Tellurium Clocks that are made in Germany by Hermle, but our favorite is the Hermle Astro Tellurium Mantel Clock. Solid metal fins intersect to form the frame of this Tellurium clock for a sleek look. Users are able to track the position of the Earth as it moves through the Solar System throughout the calendar year, complete with zodiac signs as well. The mechanical movement features Westminster chimes and in this modern design, this Astro Tellurium has reproductions of the Sun, Earth and Moon, incorporating the day and month indicators. In addition, the movement seems to float within the frame. A milled rosette rondeau shows the 12 printed signs of the zodiac on a special turned dial and an 8-day spring key wound movement and 4/4 Westminster Chimes keep the time. This clock also features an 11 jewel deadbeat Swiss escapement with automatic night shut-off.

We offer many other options for quality Hermle Tellurium clocks below as well:

Hermle Astro Tellurium Mantle Clock

Hermle Astro Tellurium Found Here

Hermle Tellurium I Mechanical Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

Hermle Tellurium I Found Here

Hermle Tellurium II Mechanical Luxury Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

Hermle Tellurium II Found Here

Hermle Tellurium III Zodiac Mechanical Luxury Table Clock - Made in Germany

Hermle Tellurium III Found Here

Astrolabium Clocks - Astronomical Clocks with a Quartz Movements

An Overview of the Astrolabium

In addition to the Mechanical Tellurium Clocks Hermle offers, they produce some of the finest Quartz Astrolabium clocks that feature the same craftsmanship and beauty of the Telluriums, without the maintenance of a mechanical movement. These quartz clocks run on batteries so they don’t require winding.

Hermle Astrolabium Quartz Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

Our Favorite Astrolabium Clocks by Hermle

This Astrolabium clock follows the Earth's rotation around the sun throughout the calendar year and features a zodiac ring and calendar.

The Hermle Astrolabium comes in bronze with a mahogany or a black with nickel. The Astrolabium is a highly accurate quartz regulated astronomical clock that includes a month and Zodiac disc alongside a sun, moon and earth ball. The dial is round with an exquisite laser cut center pattern. Through the visible, highly intricate gear train system, the clock reproduces the annual orbit of the earth around the sun, with the earth rotating on its own axis and the moon rotating every 29.5 days. In the course of the year the earth travels around all 12 Zodiac signs, months and individual days which are indicated on the brass dial. The crystal dome is hand blown and may therefore contain minor irregularities, which is characteristic for this kind of production.

Hermle Astrolabium Quartz Mantel Clock - Made in Germany

Hermle Astrolabium Quartz Mantel Clock Found Here


There are many Hermle Astrolabium and Tellurium Clocks to choose from, all of which are of premium quality and are designed to stand the test of time. Indicating the placement of our local celestial bodies in our solar system and zodiac signs visible in the night sky these clocks are truly remarkable to witness. Here at Time For a Clock we have our expert customer service standing by to assist you in choosing your next quality clock. We work closely with Hermle very frequently as well, ensuring that you can get all of the information you may need in a timely manner. Cheers to your next Hermle Astrolabium or Tellurium Clock.

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