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How To Set Up Hermle Wall Clock With Mechanical Strike Movement

Hermle Kennington Modern Wall Clock - Made in Germany

Hermle Mechanical Wall Clocks are excellent clocks designed to last for years, operating on spring wound power or gravity driven weights. Many of Hermle’s Mechanical Wall Clocks have Strike Movements that need to be setup properly and adjusted to ensure optimal performance. Let’s get into the details of how to setup your new Hermle Clock that has a Strike Movement.

Steps to Setup Your New Hermle Mechanical Clock With a Strike Movement

Unpack the Clock

Upon receiving your new Hermle Wall Clock, unpack the clock from the box it came in and carefully remove all of its components. It should include a pendulum, weights and the body and frame of the clock. Remove any packaging that may be protecting the bells, chimes, chains, hands and other delicate metallic pieces.

Hermle Abbot 8-Day Cable Driven Regulator Wall Clock - Made in Germany

Hang Your Clock So It is Vertical

Follow our guide HERE to properly hang your new Hermle Wall Clock to a Wall so it can be properly setup with its internal components.

Hang The Weights of The Clock

Remove any remaining ties or protective packaging from the weights and hang them on the tabs at the base of the chains properly.

Attach the Pendulum to the Pendulum Leader

Hang the pendulum of the clock to the pendulum leader which will either have two holes to hang on, or two short, horizontal bars to hang on.

Hermle Frankfurt Skeleton Wall Clock - Made in Germany

Set The Beat of The Clock

The beat of the clock is essentially the tune of the pendulum, which allows it to continuously swing freely from side to side with equivalent periods from center to left and from center to right. When your Mechanical Hermle Clock left the factory, it was in beat, but during shipping it is possible and likely that it went slightly out of beat due to vibrations in transit. Not to worry, putting your clock back into beat is simple and can be done in a few short steps. The clock’s escapement (the component that makes a tic-tock sound) has a slip clutch component that allows for the pendulum to be adjusted and put back into beat. When the clock is vertically hanging and operating, listen for the tick-tock sound and push the pendulum leader just past the point of resistance in a direction for a moment to adjust the period of the pendulum. Listen for the tick-tock again and continue to make adjustments until you hear a tick-tock with an even period, like a metronome. If you need more information on setting the beat of your clock, you can read this article here on Setting the Beat of Your Mechanical Clock.

The Strike Movement

Your mechanical clock most likely has a strike movement that will strike the number on each hour and once each half hour. There is a lever on the back of the clock that will indicate the whether the strike movement is silenced or active. To turn the chime on, have the lever in the upward position, and to silence the chime, have the lever in the downwards position.

Hermle Jordan Wooden Wall Clock

Setting the Time on The Clock

The time the clock indicates can be adjusted by moving the minute hand, the long hand, either clockwise or counterclockwise. Do not move the hour hand to set the time.

Adjusting the Speed of Your Clock - Regulating The Clock

It's common for a clock to run slightly too fast or slightly too slow, resulting in timing adjustments needing to be made more frequently than desired. This can be corrected for by adjusting the regulating nut at the bottom of the pendulum. Turn the regulating nut at the bottom of the pendulum to the left to make the clock run slower, and turn it to the right to make the clock run faster. A single turn of the regulating nut at the bottom of the pendulum usually will adjust the clock by 1 minute per day, for reference. This concludes the setup of your Hermle Wall Clock.

Hermle Jaci Wooden Wall Clock


Now you’ve got your wonderful, new Hermle Mechanical Wall Clock With It’s Strike Movement hung on your wall, put together and chiming away perfectly and in time. The setup of your Hermle Wall Clock is now complete. If you have any questions during any part of the setup procedure, feel free to contact us via phone, text, message, or email anytime and we will be more than happy to assist you. Here at Time For a Clock we strive to provide customers with the best service possible and are here to help.

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