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Erwin Sattler Clock Review

Erwin Sattler - Opus Tourbillon The New Shining Table Clock - Made in Germany

Since 1958, the Erwin Sattler clock manufactory has elevated its craft to an art of timeless value. Based in Gräfelfing near Munich, the workshop creates timekeepers in accordance with the requirements of “Made in Germany” that outlast generations. Every single timekeeper and its proud owner carry the reputation of the family business out into the world. In a virtuoso way, centuries-old traditional craftsmanship is combined here with the latest precision technology. The unique design gives expression to sophistication in a way that only very few other products can. Let's dive into more about the brand.

What Sets Erwin Sattler Apart From Other Clock Brands?

The Quality of Erwin Sattler Clocks, Made in Germany

Erwin Sattler Clocks are some of the most intricate and well made table clocks in the world, some be comprised of over 477 unique and precision made components. Engraving the different scales on a dial alone takes about fifty minutes total and when finished, it is lavishly silver-plated.

Erwin Sattle base plates, upon which all the moving parts of a movement are mounted, are crafted in hardened brass that is up to five millimeters thick so that they are extremely sturdy and stable. Every hole that is drilled is individually positioned and applied by our CNC-controlled machine. This process takes longer than simultaneous drilling with conventional machines, but it is much more precise.

The elegant legs of the gear wheels are not stamped, but rather milled from a whole piece to start. The expert craftsmen mount them on solid, hardened, steel arbors with precisely cut pinions. For lasting protection from oxidation, all our brass parts are plated with precious gold. To improve performance and reduce wear on the material, Erwin Sattler uses pallets made of agate. The gear wheel arbors are put in jewel bearings mounted in so-called chatons or the most modern precision ball bearings.

The use of exceptionally small driving weights and unusually long maintenance intervals are the positive result of such exotic material use and intricate designs. The consistent use of high-grade materials, our own milling and computerized machines, and above all, the high standard that each employee demands of him or herself make the unique Sattler quality possible and consistent in all clocks this brand produces. In some cases it can take up to two years before a new Sattler movement is finally encased from start to finish. This seems like a long time, but it is actually very little compared to the centuries a clock made in the Erwin Sattler manufactory will have to live.

These are just a few examples of what makes Erwin Sattler’s masterpieces so timeless and high quality.

Erwin Sattler - Lunaris High Quality Design Precision & Technology - Made In Germany

Bringing Great Design to the Table Clock Style

Desk, mantel and table clocks have been a staple of upmarket, tasteful interior design for centuries. Their appearance was always influenced by the style of their era and by their intended use. During the Renaissance, table clocks were equipped with numerous calendar and other astronomical displays in addition to the hands showing the hours and minutes. This would allow the clocks to serve many useful functions at once, making them more desirable to own along the way.

Sophisticated art connoisseurs used them to demonstrate and impress with their interest in the progression of science. Erwin Sattler builds on this long tradition today. The focus is on exquisite craftsmanship and technical innovation, coupled with contemporary design and precise engineering of components used in their timeless designs.

Erwin Sattler - Metrica Timelessly Beautiful Table Clock - Made In Germany

Some of Our Favorite Erwin Sattler Clocks

Erwin Sattler - OPUS TOURBILLON The New Shining Table Clock

All parts of the solid stainless-steel case are individually milled, grounded and carefully polished by hand in elaborate and limited small series. Due to the special design of the case construction (which is also used in the precision pendulum clock Opus Perpetual), almost no edges of the case glass can be seen. This creates the amazing effect that the viewer has an apparently floating clockwork in front of him.

The Erwin Sattler manufacture caliber 1399-1, with a 14-day clockwork, the display of the date, moon phase and power reserve, impresses not only with its aesthetic and at the same time technically sophisticated design, but above all with the embedded minute tourbillon.

This “crowning achievement” of clockmaking can be traced back to the famous clockmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, who had the brilliant idea in 1801. The flying variant, based on a further development by Alfred Helwig, means a further increase in complexity, since it is only stored on the back and thus allows an unobstructed view of the escapement. The tourbillon with all its filigree parts, worked down to the last detail, can really show off its shine. Embedded in the funnel gemmed with 12 diamonds, it is the sparkling eye-catcher of every Opus Tourbillon!

Erwin Sattler - Opus Tourbillon The New Shining Table Clock - Made in GermanyOpus Tourbillon The New Shining Table Clock Found Here

Erwin Sattler - OPERA Timelessly Beautiful Table Clock

As a desk or mantel clock, whether in the office or surrounded by valuable paintings, the Opera is ideal as a functional accessory. The movement is protected only by glass. So it gives a free insight into the movement with the fine gears. On a black wooden base, equipped with metal inlays, the glass construction is held only by four chrome-plated brass strips, giving the impression that it is floating. On the basis of a gear train developed in the manufactory, the watchmakers realized their vision of a reliable, low-maintenance and long-lasting table-clock movement.

A mechanical spring force compensation by fusee and steel cable provides relief when the stored in a tension spring driving force over the course of 15 days continuously decreases. An elaborate process that makes the Opera technically a particularly valuable timepiece. Such a watch complies with all claims to the traditional watchmaker craft. It is classic and discreet, not intrusive and yet the highlight in the room.

Erwin Sattler - Opera Timelessly Beautiful Table Clock - Made In GermanyOpera Timelessly Beautiful Table Clock Found Here


Overall, Erwin Sattler creates stunning and elegant table clocks that will stand the test of time in both style and function. Utilizing very high quality materials and being made as to not rush perfection, its no wonder why these are some of the most sought after luxury clocks we sell here at Time For a Clock. Made in Germany by some of the best engineers, designers and clockmakers in the world, an Erwin Sattler Clock of any style will not disappoint.

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