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Clocks for Kids

It is no secret that it is very important to teach kids how to read clocks and tell time. For this reason, it only makes sense to choose the most suitable clock for kids that makes it simple and fun for them to proceed with learning to tell time. The good news is that nowadays various decorative wall clocks for kids, as well as other different kinds of interesting clocks, are designed so that kids can not only enhance their interest level, but also make the time learning process more enjoyable.

Why are Clocks important for Kids?

Cucù Otranto Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

Knowing how to tell time is a very important skill children should learn from a very early age. Even though recently mobile phones have taken the world by storm, children still need to learn how to tell time from traditional analog clocks. It is due to this reason that various clocks are designed to show time in multiples of 5, which is definitely not possible with digital or mobile phone clocks. This can better help kids learn math as well.

With every passing day we observe the newer varieties of sun and moon clocks for toddlers, clocks for teenagers, wall clocks for kid’s rooms, and various other decorative wall clocks that enhance the beauty and pleasure of a kid’s rooms.

When a kid learns to tell the time, their intellectual abilities are nourished and they become even more conscious of how to make the best use of their time. The parents who want to develop punctuality in their child pays special attention to it as well. Parents can attract their kids to the clocks and time learning activities in a variety of ways, such as displaying a decorative wall clock on the wall or by using any other unique wall clock to capture their imagination and attention.

Wall clock for Kids Room

Progetti - Jazz Time Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

The importance of a wall clock for a kid's room can’t be denied because kids must know when there is time to go to school and when they should play. Wall clocks serve the purpose of teaching analog time, a timelessly important skill. Children learn the passage of time by constantly watching the hands of these clocks that remain in constant motion and by applying simple multiplication, addition and subtraction to deduce the resulting hour and minute.

Modern Clocks for Kids

Progetti - Sunset Wall Clock - Made in Italy

Nowadays, modern clocks for kids are particularly designed to attract the youth and improve their learning abilities. Some of such modern clocks for kids include sun and moon clocks for toddlers, kit Kat clocks, pigs fly pendulum clocks, color panels, modern wall clocks, unicorn clocks, bike shaped kids clocks and many more. All of these modern kids' clocks are a fun and educational way to teach your kids about the time. Moreover, they not only enhance the beauty of their walls but also serve as a great tool that will play a vital role in making your child conscious of time, and a more successful individual later in life.

Personalized modern bedroom kids' clocks and clocks for teenagers must be bought from reputable brands so they will last for years to come and so the beauty also will not fade with time.

Our Favorite Clock Brands for Kids

We have compared our list of the most prominent and high-quality clock brands for kids that will revolutionize your experience of teaching time with your child. When you opt for these brands you will get the best deals at affordable rates from some of the best clock makers in the world.

Let's take look to these amazing Clock Brands for Kids.



When it comes to choosing the best clocks for kids in Italy, Rexartis comes first. It is an Italian brand that particularly focuses on providing traditional as well as modern Italian wall clocks that not only serve decorative purposes, but also look very unique.

The clocks designed by Rexartis have symbolic meanings as well. One example of such a clock is the Sun and Moon clock for toddlers. The sun symbolizes energy and strength as well as the daytime. While the moon is symbolic of night, dim energy, mystery, and creativity.

Thus, we can say that the symbolism associated with these clocks makes them even more interesting and enhances their scope and ability to capture the imagination.


Augh! Cuckoo Clock - Made in Italy

This brand designs wall clocks that are perfect for kids. These clocks are widely available in very bright colors and styles that attract young and energetic minds. They are also used as decorative wall clocks because they look very beautiful when they are chosen to match the walls of kids and teenagers rooms.

One of the best parts about Pirondini is that it is an all-Italian company that produces highly creative versions of wooden clocks and make the best use of wood to create their masterpieces. The brothers Donatella, Ambrogio, and Giovanni Pirondini established this brand in 1978. They were students of architecture and they utilized their beauty in this field. As a result, the Pirondini brand got popular very quickly and started to dominate their niche in quality clock making.

The clocks designed by Pirondini are not ordinary ones but they are created, designed, and crafted by highly expert designers and artists who specialize in the production of original and decorative wall clocks, Cuckoo clocks, and kids clocks.


Tothora Planet - Modern Wood Table Clock Handmade by Josep Vera - Made in Spain

Tothora is another band that concentrates on producing some of the most unique clocks you can find. This brand mainly plays with unusual silhouettes and shapes and is primarily focused on handmade clock creation in Barcelona. You'll be amazed to see the beauty of functional art by seeing these clocks hanging on the walls and sitting on tables. However, today we are focusing on the kids' clocks made by the Tothora brand.

Here is something interesting!
This brand has created an interesting and colorful planet clock for the kids. Made with oil painting elements, it serves as a timepiece as well as a beautiful colorful drawing that guides the kids about the planets in the universe. The perfect highlight to a table, the beautiful and bright colors of this clock make it special and elegant, meeting all of your decoration and clock needs.

The planet clock seems interesting because on one hand it tells us about the universe and the number of planets, while on the other hand it is a symbol of passing time. Parents can enjoy making use of this clock to instill the value of time and space in the minds of their kids.


Clocks for kids are designed with a very high level of creativity. It is due to this reason they appeal best to the younger generations as kids and teenagers pay special attention to colorful wall clocks. Nowadays, different brands produce various versions and types of wall clocks for kids such as Tothora, Pirondini and Rexartis.

We have studied the importance of clocks for kids and also discussed three major brands that are manufacturing high-quality colorful kids clocks. While choosing the right products from these brands, you can remain confident that you are choosing only the best clocks for kids from Time For a Clock.

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