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Astro and Tellurium Clocks

Our goal here at Time For a Clock is to help guide you through the process of selecting the luxury product that fits your style and use.  

There’s nothing quite like a Hermle Astronomical or Tellurium Clock. The attention to detail in these masterpieces is astonishing, as representations of the solar system rotate and move in real time to show the placement of our local celestial bodies around us. These clocks do more than simply tell time, often indicating the placement of the sun, moon, earth, planets and zodiac signs depending on the model you’re considering. Be sure to see some of our favorite models and what sets them apart below.

Hermle Tellurium clocks are highlighted by their mechanical movement, which is powered by energy stored in a spring that must be would occasionally to maintain function. As they are mechanical, they require no batteries as they make use of the reserve of spring energy to turn their beautifully manufactured movements and move their attached components. Due to their complexity they can be a bit delicate and it is best to keep them clean and well maintained to ensure that your Tellurium lasts a lifetime. Owning a Tellurium clock is a very visceral experience, as you can feel the tension of the spring when winding the clock’s power reserve. You can hear the gears clicking and ticking if you listen closely and best of all, you can see the intricate design and layout of the solar system and zodiac patterns as they move around the dome of the clock.

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