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Hermle Regulator Wall Clocks

Hermle has managed to hold a prominent space in the clock manufacturing industry largely due to their success with their regulator wall clocks. Hemle produces some of the worlds finest regulator wall clocks known for their reliability and solid craftsmanship. The Hermle clocks have distinctive qualities and structures, with both classical and modern touches depending on the model. They bring beautiful designs and compelling colors to the final masterpieces, focusing on class and reliability at the same time. Hermle is one of the most well known clock makers in the world, producing clocks in Germany and the U.S. and always known for their quality and timeless style.

Hermle Greenwich Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

What is a regulator clock?

Regulator clocks are a relatively common style of wall clock characterized by a long, often wooden, body which encases a swinging pendulum below the clock’s face. Often chimes and tubes are displayed behind the pendulum as well, which can play an assortment of melodies as well as striking sounds. Regulator clocks were first made popular in early railroad stations, keeping some of the most accurate time around due to their large and precise pendulums. They could easily be hung high up on walls for awaiting passengers to see as well. Their precision can occasionally made them more delicate that other types of Regulator clocks as they can be affected by physical disturbances detuning the precision. Therefore, owners often operate such regulator clocks with much care and leave them on one spot for long periods of time.

Hermle Abbot 8-Day Cable Driven Regulator Wall Clock - Made in Germany

Styles of Regulator Clocks

There are many variations when it comes to the designs of regulator wall clocks. They represent class and prosperity in different shapes and structures. Over time, manufacturers started adding cultural touches into these clocks for better fit specific markets and places of use, rendering many of the designs and structures different depending upon the region and cultural influence. Some people complement their rooms with regulator clocks that match the color schemes of the space, while others like to have them stand out with bold designs and larger sized cases. Some designs have been known as the Bracket clock, Master clock, Anniversary clock, and Cartel clock and are all examples of distinctive designs. More often than not, regulator clocks are closer to the classical style of design than the modern style of design.

Hermle Kingsland Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock - Made in Germany

History of Regulator Clocks

Some of the first regulator clocks take us back to the early 1700s, when the accuracy of timing wasn’t nearly as good as it is today. As the years went on, many developers started taking prime steps to elevate the accuracy of timing and consistency overall. Clock manufacturers started making regulator clocks on a larger scale around the middle of the 19th century as engineering advanced and costs were able to drop. This evolution of the regulator clock started in Vienna, Austria, which then spread across Europe and then to North America later on. Regulator clocks have helped people overcome many incidents in the past due to their accuracy. Regulator wall clocks have a very long heritage of being precise and very well made.

Hermle Mornington Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

Our Favorite Hermle Regulators

The Hermle Greenwich Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

The Hermle Greenwich is one of Hermle’s most premium and accurate models, as it features modern German engineering technology and classic design. It comes with a classy combination of a silver-tone pendulum along with its white dial. The clock itself brings a luxury feel with its premium wooden case. Understanding the time on this promising regulator clock is convenient with distinctive hour, minute, and second divisions. In addition, the case has a wonderful walnut finish, which enhances understanding and promotes comfort. Users can also ensure precision by setting up the anchor on this regulator wall clock. Additionally, the clock features a second hand that lets you adjust the minute turn. All this brilliant functionality comes with a quality certificate as well.

Greenwich Mechanical Regulator Clock Found Here
Available in Black, Walnut & Light Cherry
Hermle Greenwich Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

The Hermle Kingsland Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

Experience this luxurious Hermle Kingsland regulator wall clock. This Regulator clock comes with a top-of-the-line mechanical, cable-driven movement forming incredible reserve power. The power can be reserved for up to 31 days while keeping constantly working throughout.
Additionally, this quality regulator clock features a premium black color, elevating looks and styling. Quality is paramount with this regulator clock as it incorporates a case with metal inlays boosting it’s premium nature. The case itself is hand polished and the Hermle Kingsland features a German precision movement for the highest possible accuracy.

Kingsland Mechanical Regulator Clock Found Here
Hermle Kingsland Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

The Hermle Kendall Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

You have every reason to try this elegant modern Hermle Kendall Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock made in Germany. This Hermle Kendall brings advanced German engineered movements and high end design to any wall it is mounted on. In addition, the clock features a solid wooden rectangular case for extra strength. This Regulator Clock comes in different variations of finishes so you can get personal with the design. The titled edges along with the strikingly premium glass panels offer an expensive look to this Regulator wall clock as well. You no longer have to maintain the clock after a short duration due to its high-precision movement. The durability combines with elegance to provide you an excellent wall accessory.

Kendall Mechanical Regulator Clock Found Here

Hermle Kendall Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock - Made in Germany

The Hermle Mornington Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

This regulator clock by Hermle takes you back to the history of regulator wall clocks. It comes with a signature black piano finish which elevates its looks standards. This Regulator clock is an excellent example of complete and sublime craftsmanship. In addition to the historic and classic design, the regulator clock features a premium Hermle cable-driven movement for accurate and consistent performance. The Hermle Mornington Regulator wall clock also includes highly balanced weights and pulleys in its construction to aid in the longevity and performance of this piece of art. The dial itself has a wide range of convenient indications and displays values from the date, day to the month. There is a convenient automatic beat adjustment functioning for a flexible experience as well and the nickel-plated finish supports an elegant look so your wall can look creative and classy for years to come.

Mornington Mechanical Regulator Clock Found Here
Available in Black & Walnut

Hermle Mornington Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock - Made in Germany


Regulator wall clocks have a history in precision, build quality and timeless design, and Hermle tops the rankings as one of the premier manufacturers of this renown style of Regulator clock.
Each Regulator clock we mentioned brings extremely high-quality construction along with unbeatable elegance to any space it may call home. In addition, Hermle regulator clocks give us an acknowledgment of their rich history in their timeless designs. If precision, great craftsmanship and timeless style and history are a part of your regulator wall clock criteria, Hermle regulator wall clocks may just be the perfect type of regulator clock for your space.

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