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Kit-Cat Klock Warranty Policy

Warning for online purchases: Make sure you purchased from an Authorized Dealer. Sadly, there are many people selling used, returned, broken, or even counterfeit Kit-Cats on sites like Amazon and eBay and listing them as “new”. Be careful if you got a “deal” on your Kit-Cat.  If you have any concerns, please contact us at

Coverage: To ensure lasting quality, we test run each clock individually in our Southern California factory. Before the clock is boxed, we go to extensive measures to make sure it is without manufacturing and workmanship defects. Your Kit-Cat® is unconditionally guaranteed for one year against all manufacturing defects, BUT NOT AGAINST BREAKAGE OR MISUSE. Our company has maintained less than a 1% return rate on all Kit-Cat Clocks sold.

The Warranty is only valid if sold by an Authorized Dealer. California Clock Company cannot guarantee your Kit-Cat was new, authentic, and untampered with at the time of purchase otherwise.

The Warranty is void:

  • If sold by any unauthorized dealer.
  • Authorized Dealers are not authorized to sell under any other name or through any other service than direct to the customer. All clearance items, open box and refurbished products have voided warranty and should be listed as “used” or “like new” and “with a voided warranty” at the time of sale. The Warranty applies only to the original purchaser from the Authorized Dealer and may not be transferred to another reseller.
  • If Kit-Cat has been dropped or physically tampered with in any way causing damage. If your Kit-Cat was purchased damaged like this from an online store, you should return it for a full refund.

Troubleshooting: before returning a Kit-Cat, please check the Doctor Kit-Cat guide or contact for help. Many animation and timekeeping issues have easy fixes.

Returns and Repairs:

In the event your clock is under warranty (1 year old or less) and you cannot resolve the problem using the above tips, please contact us at for further instructions.