Fatti + inlà was born from the fertile pencil of Andrea Grattaroli of Studio Kuadra who drew it by imagining a row of birds perched on a ledge. One, the cuckoo one, comes out of his little house making space among the others. Simple in the inspiring concept but of great elegance, this clock can be hung on the wall or placed on a surface. The twenty-two wooden birds, entirely handmade, are aligned on two perfectly proportioned volumes. The 23rd sings once an hour leaning over and leaning forward with a nice bow. Two thin hands mark the time. There are two color variants: one black with white hands and one white with black hands. Made of wood finished with non-toxic paints, it has a metal backrest that allows it to be easily fixed to the wall and completes it in every part. The battery-powered cuckoo movement has a photosensitive sensor that does not make it sing when it is dark, moreover, a push-button panel allows you to adjust the intensity of the sound or turn it off completely.