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The (bearable) lightness of metal

In the heart of the valleys of Arezzo, the Formae brand comes to life from the enthusiasm of the new generation of a family business, from childhood memories that bear the smell of cut iron and the awareness of the infinite possibilities of applying metal, to propose furnishing accessories with a playful and essential soul.In the heart of the Tuscan valleys, the Formae brand has taken shape from the enthusiasm of the new generation of a family company, from childhood memories of the smell of metal grinding, and the awareness of the infinite possibilities and applications of this material, in order to offer sleek, playful home furnishing accessories.

The brand's iconic location is its officina, where the metalworking skill of Gennaro Tramonti โ€“ founder of the company Car-Met โ€“ combines with the desire of his sons, Simone and Laura, to create unique objects made of metal, the familyโ€™s true calling.

The perfect synthesis

Form, first and foremost. Sleek, essential aesthetics lead to a delicate process of summary and synthesis where design creativity and a search for beauty are modelled into deliberately simple forms: pure geometries and linear surfaces in which the ideal of less is more is embodied and urther enhanced by artisan craftsmanship.

Leonardo Fortino is the young art director who supports Laura and Simone Tramonti in the construction of a design dialogue that extends from ideas to people, from materials to concrete manual gestures that lead to the creation of objects with a slight and at the same time distinctive impression.Leonardo Fortino is the young art director who works alongside Laura and Simone Tramonti in creating a design dialogue which extends from the ideas of the people involved and the materials used through to the concrete manual gestures used to create items with a light-hearted, yet distinctive influence.

Between Craft and Industry

The Formae universe features objects composed of industrial semi-finished products reinterpreted through artisan touches โ€“ laser cutting, welding, mechanical joining, manual bending, punching โ€“ which refines and customises the working. In this manner, each product retains the echo of an industrial aesthetic which acts as a counterpoint to a skilful manual activity able to update its forms, each time creating authentic and original details. The final painting process then gives the objects a texture with a porous effect which allows each colour used to maintain a warm, tactile note.

Take it easy, and colorfully!

Formaeโ€™s collections feature a colour palette of pastel tones which are at the same time warm and vibrant, half-way between the North Sea and the Mediterranean.

Each complement suggests a more relaxed and convivial way of living: the strong functionality rings them closer to the daily use of those who use them, without renouncing a pop, joyful, essential attitude. Each item suggests a more relaxed and convivial way of living: their pronounced functionality brings them into the day-to-day life of those who use them, but without renouncing a sleek, joyous, poppy attitude.