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Wall and Desk Clock Gift Ideas

Unique and custom handmade wall and desk timepieces can be some of the best and most memorable gifts you can give. Whether you are looking for an anniversary wall clock or a contemporary desk clock, we will help guide you through some of our favorites wall and desk clock gift ideas. The trend of presenting wall and desk clocks as a gift is something that has been steadily growing over recent years as people want more tangible art pieces rather than technology more and more. We are certain that a great clock will be a unique gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Most people have their eye on a clock throughout the day in one form or another, so no matter what the occasion or the person is, you can confidently present a wall or desk clock as luxurious gift.

What Type of Clock is Right For You?

Choosing the right clock for you can be a bit of a daunting task. The choice of the right clock becomes even more difficult when it comes to selecting the clock for your near and dear one as a gift. If you want to find the right clock you should browse through the various top-notch wall clock manufacturing brands such as Takto, Hermle, Nomon, Tothora and others. Hermle is the German top-notch clock manufacturing brand that produces a huge variety of wall and desk timepieces and keeps on updating its catalog.

It is worth mentioning that before choosing the right type of clock you should know when it is the right time to purchase the wall clock as a gift and when you should proceed with desk clocks for giving someone.

Let's have a look at some solid reasons.

When is a Wall Clock the Right Choice?

For many people, life can become very busy, hard, and fast. This can further enhance the need for a wall clocks that makes us more conscious of the passing time. Wall clocks can be the perfect gift when you are giving someone a gift on the occasion of a completed home renovation or building construction. They serve as a serious, thoughtful, and decorative gift for mature people. If you are looking for a gift for a kid or a teenager, then a wall clock may not be the right choice, as they are generally regarded as more formal. Younger people may prefer a more “fun-styled” desk clock with a modern design that catches the eye.

On the other hand, business owners, entrepreneurs, stay at home family members, and professional people always try to enhance the beauty of their home and workplace by hanging the top quality wall clock. Thus, the choice of a wall clock depends on to whom you are giving it as a gift and what the occasion is.

Wall clocks serve as perfect gifts on Father's Day, Mother's Day, and home-based celebrations such as dinner parties. Some wall clock gift ideas for every occasion include:


When is a Desk Clock the Right Choice

A Desk Clock may be the right choice when it comes to giving gifts to students, teenagers, kids, and younger people. Hardworking students deserve gifts like desk clocks that can help them become more punctual.

Whether you want to appreciate your hard working child or are looking to give a unique gift to a professional friend, we recommend you look for the top-notch and high-quality desk clocks available from Hermle, Tothora, Progetti and Pirondini. Many brands design handmade desk clocks with an artisan look as well, so if you’re looking for something like a classic carriage clock, we have those by the legendary clock makers L’EPEE, Matthew Norman and Erwin Sattler as well.


Our Favorite Wall and Desk Clock Brands

If you're looking to give a wall or desk clock to your bestie, beloved, or any other near and dear ones as a gift, you should check out some of our favorites brands who make timeless masterpieces. We are going to connect you with the most famous and prominent brands that will help you in choosing colorful and enchanting walls and desk clocks with multiple frames and designs.

Nomon Clocks Handmade in Barcelona, Spain

This brand sells handmade clothes that are entirely manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. The pricing structure of these nomon clocks is quite reasonable and you can find a very good one within $500-$1500. The main focus of this company is to design indoor clocks with contemporary and visually stunning designs that are created through artisan processes. They provide incredible attention to detail and ensure the maximum quality of their products. If you are looking for avant-garde pieces you should rely on Nomon handmade clocks.

Here are some of our favorites Nomon:

Hermle Clocks Made in Germany

Hermle is on of the leading clock manufacturing companies in the world and has been creating fantastic designs of the latest wall and desk clocks since 1922. From high-quality cuckoo clocks, decorative wall timepieces, shelf clocks, and desk clocks, they have everything to accent your friend's modern and fabulous interior decorating. The Hermle wall and desk clocks are available in a very large variety and various discount offers are also available. Their main motto is to create timepieces that can keep timeless memories, and with their impressively large catalog, they are sure to have something special for you.

Here are some of our favorites Hermle clocks:

Tothora Clocks Handmade in Catalonia, Spain

Time and sculpture are the symbols of the Tothora brand. It is due to this reason that all the models and designs of wall and desk clocks are entirely created by hand. The timepieces of the Tothora brand are attractive, exclusive, and elegant. If you want to inspire the modern lifestyle or stand yourself apart from your other fellows by giving unique gifts that make your living space more interesting, we recommend you to purchase time sculptures created by Tothora. They have one of the most unique assortments of time sculptures available, ranging from tall totem-like clocks, to sphere shaped desk clocks that capture your imagination.

Here are some of our favorites Tothora clocks:


Wall and desk clocks both make great gift ideas for any season, time or year. Nowadays various brands present new and unique styles of wall and desk clocks often, so it is up to you to choose the most suitable one as a gift. Take a look through our clock collections here at Time For a Clock, we are certain you will find just the clock you are looking for. We are constantly expanding our inventory and available brands, and work closely with every brand we carry to ensure we can help our customers choose the right clock for them. We are always just a call or email away. Happy shopping.