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Covo Tiuku Pendulum Clock by Ari Kanerva

Tiuku pendulum clocks take the form of a traditional grandfather clocks with special and contemporary twist. The structure of these clocks makes them highly unique as they have very long legs that shoot down under the clock and reach the floor. Tiuku’s are quite different from the normal classic free standing clocks and have a very amazing structure that makes it possible for them to be highlighted in almost any place.

We will discuss the designer Covo Tiuku Pendulum Clock by Ari Kanerva. Ari Kanerva’s design has the potential to change the latest trends in home furnishings and art and what makes them so popular. Let's start from the unifying features of the Covo Tiuku Pendulum Clock by Ari Kanerva.

What sets a Covo Tiuku Apart from other Floor Clocks?

With this clock, Ari Kanerva has designed a very useful object that has simplistic features to make a bold statement. The most distinguishing feature of these clocks is that they are able to furnish any place public, private, formal or informal as the design is simple, yet elegant and timeless. Other distinguishing features include the huge color variety, unique structure, ability to stand on the floor and lean on your wall for extra support. These clocks are the remarkable creations of contemporary Finnish designer Ari Kanerva who has given them a slender shape, broad color palette and numberless face.

Covo Tiuku clocks serve as wall decoration accessories as well as iconic floor timepieces simultaneously.

Contemporary and Minimalist Design

These amazing clocks have contemporary and minimalist designs that make them suitable for almost any occasion. The solid bold colors laid down on a laser cut, stainless steel body highlight the simple, yet bold design. The numberless face of the clock keeps the profile minimal, using only design elements that are necessary for the functionality of the Tiuku clock. Whether you are looking for an interesting time piece for your study room or or want a decorative and colorful timepiece that looks prominent, the Italian Made Covo Tiuku Pendulum Clock by Ari Kanerva is up to the task.

In this era of modernism and technological advancement, people are always looking for interesting timepieces that capture the imagination and this clock simply fits the bill. The Covo Tiuku occupies the space in the vertical direction and is perfect for small living rooms where there is not enough horizontal space for a large wall clock with a large horizontal area.

The Quality of Italian Craftsmanship

Anyone can observe the high level of creativity that is being used in the creation of these Italian timepieces. They are a particular type of floor clock that keeps standing on the floor while leaning on a wall. They also have a pendulum so we can also regard them as one of the pendulum floor clock types.

It is no secret that this Italian timepiece has revolutionized the whole clock trend, as it is one of our best sellers consistently.

Unique Tiuku Design Features

Let's have a look at some of the major design features of unique Tiuku clocks.

Size & Profile

Standing at 6’ 2” tall, these clocks are nearly perfectly at eye level making telling the time and appreciating the clock a breeze. The Tiuku is very lightweight as it is made from a single sheet of stainless steel that is folded to create its unique shape. The Tiuku clock for your room or any other part of your home will put the eyes at ease as its slender legs seem to make the clock float against the wall.

Color Choices for Any Spaces

No matter where you live, the structure of your home or living spaces and what your preferred color choices are, the Tiuku is perfect for any space. They look perfectly beautiful in the public as well as private spaces, and make stunning, unique design choices for those looking to have something different in their home or space.

The Tiuku also comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from yellow to blue to black. There is sure to be a color variation that will stand out or blend in perfectly with your desired space. The color variations of Covo Tiuku clocks are prominently observed in the two legs of these floor clocks that help them in standing on the floor. Even though the design of this clock is very simple, the color choices that are offered will leave you amazed when you see this amazing clock standing right in your home.


Italian floor clocks are famous for their beauty, elegance and unique design, however Covo Tiuku clocks are stunningly amazing with simple design and contemporary look. Being Italian made ensures their quality timeless styling as well. The Covo Tiuku’s wide range of colors allows for this clock to fill a very diverse range of decorating circumstances as well, being either bold or subtle and composed.

If you are also looking for handsome floor clock that no one has seen before and that will last a lifetime, we recommend the Covo Tiuku Pendulum Clock by Ari Kanerva. Here at Time For a Clock we are here to help in any way possible. 855-256-2579